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iGRAD – Finding a career

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    Student Life Hacks: Build Your Career While Still in College
    College students should start building a good foundation for their future career while still in college. You want to leave your university not only with knowledge but also with the skills you need to face the tough competition.…more
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    Key Online Strategies for Getting That
    Internship or Job

    Ready to find that perfect job or internship? Here are some key online tactics that will make you a sought-after expert in your field and the most…more
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    8 Common Mistakes People Make When Writing Cover Letters
    It’s time to go out and start your career, but you’re not getting replies to your applications. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door of that dream…more
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    5 Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search
    Job searching can be an overwhelming task, whether you’ve chosen to look for a new job or you’ve unexpectedly found yourself in the position of needing to look for a job. The good news is, though, like almost everything in life, you can make your job search a million times better just by slightly altering your thinking. …more
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    How to Start Your Career the Right Way
    You’ve graduated college, maintained decent grades, joined clubs and societies, and made valuable connections. Now what?..more
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    Give Your LinkedIn Profile Some Swag
    Here are 10 tips that will help you create a solid profile before you start connecting with people and/or using LinkedIn as a job search tool…more
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    Time Management Tools to Increase Your Productivity 
    The best tools to help you schedule, organize, and focus...more
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    5 Things You Should NEVER Say at a Job Interview 
    Regardless if you have interview experience, there are some things you should take into consideration. To help you make a good impression…more
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    6 Soft Skills That Could Help Advance Your Career  
    Your career goes beyond just technical skills. Even if you are the most technically skilled worker in a group, that still won’t guarantee success...more